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By Faran Thomason

The annual Casual Connect Conference took place in San Francisco this year. This show is devoted to all things casual gaming. While most of the show focused on the business of games, there was still fun to be had. Here are some highlights!

Cutest Game: Knittens


Dress up your cat in different outfits! Finally a game for old maids! But seriously this dress up game meets match 3 looked great. Check it out here https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/knittens/id1053472166?mt=8

Pokemon Everywhere!

Everyone was jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. Attendees could gee Poke hats and Poke candy. But no sign of Niantic the creators of Pokemon Go. Casual Connect even had an IRL Pokemon Go game.


Sleeper Hit Game of the Show: Smashy Brick

This game is riding off the “smash/flappy” fad with a twist of the classic game breakout! Pretty sure everyone will be playing this in the next few weeks.  Peep the smashing fun here http://smashybrick.com



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