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By Faran Thomason

Much like Reece’s Peanut Butter cups that feature chocolate and peanut butter (two great tastes that taste great together)…Gaming and cosplay are matches made in heaven. Since the early 2000’s fans have gone to gaming conventions and dressed as their favorite character.

Guesswork Heroes of Cosplay is the first quiz of the new Guesswork series. Providing 60 levels of costumed cosplayers showing off their comic book, manga, movie, video game and superhero outfits at conventions and expos. Players identify the cosplay heroes to level up and discover new unseen costumes. When stuck, players can use lifelines selected from the slot machine of heroes. Spin the wheel to win clues, lifelines and prizes.

Nonatomic Games hope to inspire cosplayers in their costume choices and introduce players to new characters, movies, comic books, video games and superheroes through this vibrant, easy to play but tricky to master quiz for costume creators and masked trivia heroes.

If you love quiz games and costumes check out Heroes of Cosplay on your favorite mobile device:

Apple App Store – iOS – http://bit.ly/gwcosplay-ios
Google Play – Android – http://bit.ly/gwcosplay-play
Amazon App Store – Android – http://bit.ly/gwcosplay-amazon
Amazon Underground – Android – http://bit.ly/gwcosplay-underground

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