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Forestia : The Prince Klorf’s Journey

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Forestia : The Prince Klorf's JourneyIn the year 20XX, how global warming at an dangerous point. But none of those who dare to fix it, because at that time the earth was in power Mr. Wilder. The world leaders are dictators, he can do anything to anyone with his power. Fortunately, Prince (Prince Klorf) from hutanus planet was on his way from planet to planet Earth passes. He did research to find new types of plant species of each planet. How angry he was, at the sight of the forests of the earth were spent for the sake of immediate gratification. Here is the start of a trip klorf princes of the earth to save the forest .. Mouse = click virtual button, skill, special, etc

shortcut :
SHIFT= skill 1
SPACE = skill 2
Z = special 1
X = special 2
C = special 3

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  1. jimmy September 15, 2013 at 8:55 pm -

    Great Game!