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Like a reoccurring nightmare the Flappy Bird phenomenon can’t stop, won’t stop! Now we have Flippy Uncle…

First there was Flappy Bird then there was Crossy Road, and now there is Flippy Uncle – the most recent mobile game launched by indie developer Anachronic designs, and the latest mobile gaming sensation for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. This free, unique, and outrageous original mobile arcade game is the most addictive and fun game of 2016.

Building on the success of past mobile hits like Flappy Bird and Crossy Road from other previously unknown developers, Anachronic Games is celebrating the official launch of Flippy Uncle on the Apple App Store and Google Play with a challenge to Twitch and YouTube video game streamers. Can you get the highest score on the insanely difficult red cup level?

According to Samuel Ruggieri, Flippy Uncle fan and lead developer at partner studio Voyager Games, “If you score well on the red cup, you’re a gaming god!”

Flippy Uncle is a unique free mobile arcade game loaded with personality, with bright cheerful graphics, an original soundtrack, and original gameplay unlike any other game on the market. This mobile gaming hit is rapidly gaining downloads and five star reviews on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Players love the simple and intuitive tap controls and innovative gameplay, as their cute pixel art character flips across the screen and bounces off walls and colorful obstacles. They also love that the game is free-to-play and free-to-win, with the ability to compete with friends for online high scores on Game Center and Google Play Games leaderboards.

Flappy Masochists can check it out here on your favorite mobile platforms:



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