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Here is a guide to get you started in the hottest game out today–PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

PUBG Mini Strategy Guide

By Faran Thomason

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground or PUBG is one of the hottest video games in the market today! In this multi player computer game, you are required to compete with 100 other players
in a battle royale setting. They all parachute from a plane and land on an
island looking for gear and weapons to fight. Therefore, it means you have to
utilize all your skills and wits to survive. The primary goal of this game is
to survive and get to the end of the game. While the concept might sound
simple, fighting to the end and achieving that dream chicken dinner’ position
is not easy. PUBG is unique, unlike other gun-and-run games. The game can be
challenging particularly for the first-timers. However, there are simple tricks
and tips to enable you to survive and be that coveted chicken dinner.

Start by personalizing your controls

Most players might overlook this step, but it’s essential. Start by resetting your keyboard
commands to suit your game style. For example, those with short hands will
experience limited coverage. Swapping the keyboard by pressing the collect/use
key F with lean R would be ideal. Similarly, those who run a lot can swap
Ctrl with Shift keys.


Shun crowded sites

The game becomes challenging once you enter the deployment stage. The biggest mistake you can make at this stage is to jump out in huge numbers with other players. You can try it in a place with no buildings where chances of meeting untimely death are
minimal. Again, when jumping, try to land as fast as possible. Though your
parachute will automatically open at 500 feet, you can still increase your speed
by pressing FWD key. When doing so, keep an eye on other players. Beware of
open doors as it is an indicator that the building is occupied. All doors
should be closed!

Learn to survive the circle

Players are not your biggest enemies. The biggest enemy is the circle of death that
descends on any player. One strategy you can employ to cheat death is to move
slowly towards the center as it contracts and shrinks. As long as you’ve fully
covered your back, you don’t have to worry about what happens behind.
Additionally, try to locate the central spot and fortify yourself by
stockpiling your gear. You can also consider setting up a shop but on a safe
side of the bridge. Establish a block to give you an easy pickup point.


Study and understand the map

Make use of the curated map to familiarize yourself with the locations. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, having a good study of the map is critical as it gives you
an edge. Consider having a map on another screen for quick reference. Try
looking for the latest version of the map.


Have the right gear

The type of gear you use will determine whether you’ll live or die. Remember you have to shoot, loot and survive along the way. Armor, helmets backpacks, and headphones are
your must-haves. Headphones will enable you to hear the slightest sounds and
footsteps of other players from a distance. Avoid red zones and don’t be found
off-guard in the open fields. During a gunfight, try to toggle your firing
rate. Your survival depends on how you choose your firing speed from automatic
to single fire.


PlayerUnkown’s Battleground is a thrilling computer game that will never miss to amaze you. Whether you’ll be playing the solo, duo or squad mode, you need to employ the
right strategy to help you survive to the end. The above are some tips and
tricks you can add to your arsenal.

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