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Birdie Hop-Hop

365 plays Likes: 0

Oops… The bridge is broken. A group of cute & kawaii birds needs to migrate to another island. Unfortunately they can flap their wings which means they can’t fly. The good news, they& ...

Scare The Birds

245 plays Likes: 0

Fat lazy birdies on the phone and power lines … how to get rid of them … I know, using some street items, clever physics and your intelligence. Set the traps and make them leave. Enjoy 🙂 Set the traps ...

Flappy Neon

322 plays Likes: 0

Probably most of you hate Flappy Bird and all of his clones; but this game is so addictive that I could not help developing my own version! I’have added some new features as increasing speed and ...

Jump Freak

330 plays Likes: 0

Jump freak wants to reach the improvised targets he made just for having fun.He likes to fall into different stuff but gets angry if he hits the floor and fail. -Use your finger to trow jump freak wit ...