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4×4 Monster 3

750 plays Likes: 0

Choose a monster truck and drive over mountains, cars and other obstacles while keeping the truck balanced. Complete each level in the shortest time for higher score. Use arrow keys to drive and balan ...

Plank Balance

294 plays Likes: 0

Cute and funny physics based puzzle game. Your task is to delete blocks without letting the plank fall on the spikes! Click on a block to delete it. Destroy required number of blocks without letting p ...


253 plays Likes: 0

A physics-based stacking game with 30 challenging levels. Find a way to stack shapes on the platform safely. Touch stars for your achievement. HOW TO PLAY > Click a shape in the dock then click onc ...

Push Ur Hero

132 plays Likes: 0

Attention, my friend! Tiny orange alien wants to get back home. It is stuck on Earth and you have to become his new friend here to save his life. You have to use Earth invention (such as spring), whic ...