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Supercharged Pursuit

291 plays Likes: 0

Engage in high speed chases with the entire police force on your tail! Customize your car and your starting modification to your vehicle then track down the hidden packages in the infinite city filled ...

Airport Management

388 plays Likes: 0

Welcome to the Airport traffic control system. Click the landed airplane on the runway and perform the task correctly to gain scores. Take care on the way and make sure planes don’t collide. Loo ...


341 plays Likes: 0

Player only needs simply match cells to create cell-soldiers and fight with Joker’s germ legion. Game features – Joker, old enemy of JimJack were back again, and brought his insane germ l ...

Free Bird – Flap For Freedom

255 plays Likes: 0

Simple but hard flappy game with pixel art graphics where you need to collect keys that are hidden on eggs to rescue more birds.rnrnHow to play:rnjust click or press up on keyboard to fly and dodge ob ...