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Forestia : The Prince Klorf’s Journey

1795 plays Likes: 0

In the year 20XX, how global warming at an dangerous point. But none of those who dare to fix it, because at that time the earth was in power Mr. Wilder. The world leaders are dictators, he can do any ...

Mr Hero

384 plays Likes: 0

Mr Hero is a very interesting action game, which will give you fun all through the way. Objective of the game is to kill eight deadly enemies. You have to shoot them thrice to kill. They will also sho ...

Pirates Vs Prince

293 plays Likes: 0

A 10 Level superb platformer, especially designed for children and teens. Pirates Vs Prince assures the gammers an excellent game play and beautiful environments. Player is supposed to attack the enem ...

Dummy Hero

380 plays Likes: 0

Once upon a time, there’s a New-born hero who was eager to rescue the world. Thirst for challenge, he flew to the world end just to realize that he had been trapped into an infinity hell. “ ...

Patih Araya Demo

300 plays Likes: 0

Once upon a time, when there were so many strange creatures lived which known as myth. There is a human with special ability to fight, to attack, to bring peace for human rest from evil creatures. He ...

Monster Mass Clashes 4

137 plays Likes: 0

Your kingdom is under attack, battle of the monsters are not inevitable, they will meet and clash in this massive war, control your hero and shoot them down, unleash your monster troops from the right ...